Financial sector: Mastercard manager Ann Cairns: too few women occupy top positions

Financial sector: Mastercard manager Ann Cairns: too few women occupy top positions

Frankfurt The banking world is changing due to new competitors: so-called smartphone banks like N26 from Berlin are winning customers on a large scale and are thus challenging the established credit institutions. But on one point everything seems to stay the same: The top positions at these smartphone banks are - as with traditional banks - mostly filled with men, said Ann Cairns, Vice Chairman of the US credit card provider Mastercard, at the banking summit of the Handelsblatt.

The new banks are still largely male, Cairns said. It is fundamentally not right if women only fill a small part of the top corporate bodies. The Mastercard manager is involved in the 30% Club initiative, which works in several countries to ensure that more women find their way into top positions. In the companies in the British stock index FTSE 100, 32 percent of board positions are now filled by women, according to Cairns.

Mastercard is not only a credit card provider, but also an internationally important player in payment transactions. With its Maestro system, the company ensures that you can also pay abroad with bank cards.

From Cairns' point of view, the most important recent development in payment transactions is contactless payment. "It looks like a small change, but it changed everything," said the Mastercard manager. When making contactless payments, you hold the EC card, which is officially called Girocard today, or the credit card briefly at the cash register terminal, which is no longer necessary to insert it. The data is transmitted by radio. Contactless payment has also been possible in Germany for some time and is becoming increasingly popular. Payment by smartphone is based on the same technology.

Mastercard is increasingly focusing on real-time payments. The group buys a corresponding division from the Danish company Nets for almost three billion euros, as was announced a month ago. In Scandinavia, Mastercard is developing an infrastructure for cross-border real-time payments together with banks.

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